Regional finesse

Our dishes at Krehl’s Linde are a tribute to the French cuisine which has inspired chef de cuisine Volker Krehl since day one. Another great influence is traditional Swabian cooking with local products and dishes.

Product quality

We mainly use locally sourced products from Baden-Württemberg, some of it organic. We obtain our venison from local forests. Lamb from the Swabian Alb. Beef, veal and pork from Hohenlohe or the certified Göppinger Schlachthof Staufenfleisch.

Regional and down-to-earth

On our menu you will find a variety of seasonal dishes. We mainly process products from local growers.

Culture of dining

We like to keep up with the times and are open to innovations in the culinary world. That is why we are in close contact with international colleagues, and we are active members of the local chefs’ association ( Meistervereinigung Gastronom Baden-Württemberg e.V.) We also offer a so-called „Plaisir“ menu in order to introduce young people to the fundamentals of fine dining.

Volker Krehl’s herb bed

In our dishes you will find delicious and exotic herbs. Those herbs are grown by Volker Krehl in his very own herb bed. Volker Krehl is very proud of his homegrown basil, rosemary and thyme.